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Healthy Weight Reset Package

8-week program working on the foundations for a healthy weight with a qualified Nutritionist

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Are you sick of feeling crappy?


Tired, bloated or unable to shift those last couple of kilos?


Do you suffer from brain fog, low energy or poor-quality sleep?


Are you running on coffee and adrenaline?

It is absolutely possible to start feeling good again, and reach your healthy weight in the process.

Get 1:1 nutritional support with my healthy weight reset package.

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Foundations for a healthy weight

Compromised gut health, stress, inflammation, dietary intolerances, poor-quality sleep and unhealthy habits can negatively impact your health, and sabotage your weight.


Targeting these areas not only supports weight loss but can:

  • increase energy

  • reduce bloating 

  • clear brain fog

  • improve the quality of your sleep!

The Healthy Weight Reset Package is not a diet and it’s also not a group coaching program.

It's based around 1:1 holistic nutritional medicine consults so you'll be fully supported as we work together on the foundations for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Want to know a little more about me (your friendly Nutritionist 😉)

Healthy Weight Reset Package inclusions:

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Session 1: Nutrition & Healthy Weight Foundations – 90 mins

  • We will start with the foundations for a healthy weight: digestive/gut health, dietary intolerances, inflammation, stress and the quality of your sleep.

  • A detailed health and medical history will be undertaken.

  • We will discuss goals, mindset, self-awareness and weight loss history.

  • A personalised treatment plan will be provided and a supplement prescription (if relevant).


Session 2: Barriers, Triggers and Limiting Beliefs – 45 mins

  • We will explore barriers to change, triggers for unhealthy eating or lifestyle challenges and the negative habits and beliefs that reinforce these behaviours.

  • Strategies and resources will be provided to address these barriers.


Session 3: Diet, Lifestyle & Healthy Weight Resources – 30 mins

  • Additional dietary analysis (or discussion if analysis not preferred)

  • Resources for a healthy weight – recipes, lifestyle advice, stress relief, success habits.


Session 4: Review & Accountability – 30 mins

  • We will review your treatment plan, goals, progress and prescriptions.

  • We will create an accountability plan so you can continue pursuing your goals.

* Select health insurance rebates available for all 4 sessions, subsidising the program fee

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How to book:

✔ Book a 15-min free call or your first 60 min session via online diary.


✔ Include the note 'Healthy Weight Reset'.

✔ I will contact you with further information.

* This is intensive work so there are limited spaces available each month.

* Enquire about payment plans.

* Select health insurance rebates available for all 4 sessions.

*HWRP is currently closed to new clients.

The Healthy Weight Reset Roadmap is coming soon.


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Healthy Weight Reset
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