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My Story

I'm Emma Nuttall, a Bachelor qualified Nutritionist and a health writer.

I'm also a devoted Mama of two (so am all too familiar with the juggle!), a lover of comedies with epic musical numbers (think Pitch Perfect & Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist) and a lifelong fan of soulful make-over shows (#Queer Eye).

​During my teens and 20's, calorie counting featured high in my repertoire. I followed all the diet crazes and watched my weight yo-yo along with my mood.

​Through a combination of back-to-back Trinny & Susannah episodes, a daily meditation practice and a mature age Bachelor-degree in Nutritional Medicine, I was able to finally grasp the concept of balance and moderation. Ok, it was probs mostly the latter two!


In all seriousness, once I was able to heal my relationship with food, I realised that there doesn't need to be a good vs bad approach to eating. Good nutrition isn't all about kale and the scales or eating less in general. Healthy eating should be about choice, vitality, nourishment and pleasure.

Achieving a healthy weight mindset was a game changer for me and I would love the same for you!

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