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You don't have to be miserable to reach a healthy weight. 

Take it from me!


It wasn't until I stopped counting out my mini wheats, jumping from one fad diet to the next and relying on diet coke to keep the hunger pangs at bay, that I reached my healthy weight.​


Once I was able to heal my relationship with food, I realised that there doesn't need to be a good vs bad approach to eating.


Good nutrition isn't all about kale and the scales or eating less in general.

Healthy eating should be about choice, vitality, nourishment and pleasure.

About: Inner_about
Emma Nuttall Health Weight Nutritionist

My Story

I started dieting at age 14. So much of my self-worth was tied up with my weight.

Over the years that followed, I tried all the diet crazes and went through periods of eating very little.


This was always followed with periods of bingeing. Bingeing fuelled the self-loathing. I wasted so much time and energy staring into the mirror and hating what stared back at me.


As my weight continued to yo-yo with each diet, so did my mood.


I didn't handle stress well and was often sick with colds and infections. I slept poorly and suffered from frequent episodes of candida.

What I didn't realise was that by restricting foods to lose weight, I was not getting the nutrients my body needed. I was damaging my gut health, weakening my immune system and impacting my mental health.

About: Inner_about

What changed?


After a particularly bad relationship break up in my 20's, a friend took me along to a meditation class.


Connecting inwards for the first time felt strange but peaceful.


I kept at it. As my inner world expanded, so did my self-awareness and I found myself more in tune with what truly mattered to me and what gave my life purpose.


Slowly my relationship with food began to improve.


I started exercising consistently and choosing foods that made my body feel good. I devoured nutrition and self-help books and threw away my scales.


I slowly re-established the mind body connection that had been missing for so long.

Studying a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine was the final piece of the puzzle.

Learning the science of health enabled me to understand the nutrients our body and mind needs to thrive.


I learnt about the negative impacts of dieting on our metabolism, digestion, immune system and mental health. Most importantly, I learnt how this can be corrected and how to bring the body back into balance.

Now, I'd love to help you do the same!

Fast forward to today..

These days you'll either find me juggling my Nutrition Practice with my writing career, smuggling veggies into the kids bolognese sauce while streaming Queer Eye or trying to find a quiet moment to meditate!

When I stopped focusing on the number on the scales and started focusing on my health, I found a way back to my happy self.

Now I'd love to support you with your goals!

My books are closed to 1:1 Nutrition Consults at the moment but here are some other ways we can work together;


'You Don't Need More Willpower' course

Healthy Weight Reset Package

Content Coaching

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