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7 simple ways to eat more veggies

Updated: May 20, 2021

How do I get more veggies in my diet?

Do you find it difficult to eat the recommended 6-7 serves of veggies a day?

You’re not alone. Only 6% of us manage to meet our daily intake levels. The rest of us are missing out on important nutrients our bodies need, for optimal health and longevity!

What is a serve of vegetables?

One serving of veggies is about 75g or ½ a cup of cooked veggies/ 1 cup of green leafy or raw salad vegetables.

Why are vegetables so good for you?

Veggies provide the vitamins and antioxidants that support our immune health, reduce inflammation, improve energy, nourish our gut microbiome and keep our bodies functioning optimally.

Are vegetables good for weight loss?

Vegetables also play a role in maintaining a healthy weight. They are rich in satiating fibre, and low in calories. Replacing highly refined carbohydrates with non-starchy veggies such as broccoli, green beans and leafy greens, can help balance blood sugar levels.

It’s time to get a little creative!

Here are 7 tasty ways to add more veggies to your day;

1. Breakfast veg

Add wilted spinach and a side of avo to your morning eggs or whip up a veggie packed omelette.

2. Simple snacking

Cut cucumber, carrot, red capsicum and celery into bite size pieces. Add cherry tomatoes and store in a container in the fridge for an easy snack. When you have extra time, serve them with homemade guacamole or beetroot dip.

3. Zoodles Turn zucchini into noodles, lightly steam and serve with your favourite pasta sauce.

4. It's a wrap Use iceberg or cos lettuce in place of wraps on Mexican tortilla night.

5. Veggie smuggling (how to eat more veggies even when you hate them😉)

Swap out 1/2 the mince in bolognese sauce for grated pumpkin, zucchini and broccoli. Blitz the veggies in a food processor for a creamier sauce (or so the kids don’t notice!).

6. Pizza night

Make a sweet potato pizza base with steamed sweet potato, almond meal and blitzed oats. Load the pizza with extra veggie goodness – zucchini, thinly sliced pumpkin, mushrooms and olives.

7. Green goodness

Sip on a green veggie smoothie made from 1 cup of spinach or other fresh leafy greens, 1 small frozen banana, 1 date and filtered water.

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