• Emma Nuttall

A simple way to boost happiness and productivity

Updated: May 17

Create a value-driven life

Do you have a clear direction in life? Do you have a strong grasp of what is intrinsically important to you and use this as the basis for decision making and relationship building?

If someone asked you to list your personal values, could you? What would you come up with? Would it be a mixture of values you absorbed from school and from various workplaces, with strong influence from your parents or parental figures? Do your values reflect what is most important to you and what is at your core?

Values form beliefs and beliefs influence behaviour, so having clearly defined values can anchor you, provide direction and allow you to act consistently. They also allow you to turn your focus away from things that do not serve you. When your values are only loosely defined, you can sometimes be more easily swayed or conform to popular opinion.

Spend time considering what is important to you. What gives your life meaning? What lights you up and motivates you? What do you want to achieve?

Review this list of core values and select the 4-5 that you connect with the most.

Now reflect on whether your current lifestyle is a match for your core values. A little soul searching may be required if you discover that certain aspects of your life or relationships are not congruent.

So how do you change this?

Work out the direction you want to take your life in, consider ways you can live these values and set the goals that are required to get you there. Value-driven goals can often provide the motivation you have been seeking.

Values can evolve over time as we age and gain experience, so it is important to reflect and re-evaluate on a regular basis.

Now you are ready to set heart-centred goals that are driven by your values.

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