• Emma Nuttall

How to wipe out your to-do list

Updated: Oct 9

Reduce stress and overwhelm with daily intentions

Ticking off a goals and intentions list

Do you often find yourself reacting to your day as opposed to feeling in control?

Do you list all the tasks you need to accomplish on a to-do list but barely make a dent?

Does your to-do list feel like an epic list of never-ending chores that instead of making you feel organised and ready to conquer your goals, leaves you stressed and overwhelmed?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider creating a daily intention list.

Set your priorities

You take a couple of minutes first thing each morning to choose 2-3 tasks on your to-do list and set an intention to achieve them by the end of the day.

Sure, you may have 10+ additional tasks that need to be done as part of your regular day like general work tasks and emails, school pick up, a load of washing, walking the dog etc. but we tend to do these things on autopilot. Your intention list should involve priority tasks that support your overarching vision and goals.

Priority tasks are often challenging and need plans and timelines attached. Think SMART: specific, measurable goals with realistic time allocations in order to be achieveable.

Here is a snapshot of my intention list for today;

  • cardio and weights session at the gym (45 mins)

  • finish first draft of article (2.5 hours)

  • shop for and cook double batch of chicken and chickpea curry (1.5 hours for shop, cook and clean up)

Take action

A goal remains a goal if we don’t take action. Setting an intention and scheduling time to focus on a priority task, encourages you to get out of your head (or out of bed) and get started. Focusing on the outcome, knowing your triggers for procrastination and eliminating distractions are all important steps to a successful outcome.

Unscheduled events will crop up from time to time that you must attend to. This is an inevitable part of life, just don’t let it derail you. Reboot the next day and start over.

Setting daily intentions can not only help you to gradually whittle down your to-do list, it can increase your focus and productivity and ultimately, ensure you stay on track with your health and wellbeing goals.


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