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  • Emma Nuttall

What is my healthy weight?

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Is dieting the only way to lose weight?

Do you dread Mondays, cause that’s when your diet starts? Do you decline social invites unless it’s a cheat day? Back when I was on the dieting rollercoaster, I’d wake up hangry and uninspired to get out of bed. Not yet ready to face another day of grapefruit and cottage cheese, served with a slice of misery.

I was on a mission to achieve the perfect body. A mission that sometimes involved starvation, always involved mood fluctuations and self-loathing, and often led to bingeing.

So much of my self-worth was tied up with my appearance. I struggled with shyness and low self-esteem but was certain that if I reached my ideal weight, my life would be perfect.

There was a period in my 20s where I reached my ideal weight. My confidence increased but it was transient as nothing else in my life had changed.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that I had so many positive qualities I could have been focusing on and other areas of my life that I could have been developing.

Happiness is forever elusive when your self-worth is tied to something that is fluid and somewhat superficial.

Definition of a healthy weight

A healthy weight is one that can be maintained without constant dieting and is not defined by a number on the scales or societal values. When you are a healthy weight, you generally move your body regularly, eat a reasonably balanced diet and your self-worth is not dependent on the size of your body.

It wasn’t until I stopped dieting and healed my relationship with food, that I discovered you don’t have to be miserable to maintain a healthy weight. You don’t have to endure restless Sunday nights or miss dinner with friends. Sometimes all you need is the right guidance and support.

How to work with me

The foundations of a healthy weight include so much more than what you are eating. Gut health, inflammation, dietary intolerances, stress and sleep quality all factor in.

As a Bachelor qualified Nutritionist, I have a deep understanding of the nutrients and lifestyle factors your body and mind needs to thrive.

I work with my clients to understand what a healthy weight means to them; what behaviours and beliefs might be holding them back and what nutrition and lifestyle approaches suit their individual needs.

When you stop focusing on the number on the scales and start focusing on your health, you can find a way back to your happy self.


How you can work with me

I would love to support you in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Read more about me (Emma) here or check out the Healthy Weight Reset Package

If it's lasting change you're after, I teach the research-backed steps for overcoming resistance, staying motivated and achieving your wellness goals in my online course 'You Don't Need More Willpower'


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